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St. Patrick's Day Edible Apple

   Get your child excited about eating healthy with a little Leprechaun Dust on their apple. Your child will be amazed when their apple turns green right before their eyes

Supplies Needed:
Apple Slices
Lime Jell-O
Empty Jar with holes in the top
Construction paper

#1: On the construction paper write, “Leprechaun Dust”
#2: Attach the construction paper with the words “Leprechaun Dust” to the empty jar
#3: Fill the jar with Lime Jell-O
#4: Slice some apples (make sure the apples stay damp so the powder will absorb)
#5: Tell your child to sprinkle some “Leprechaun Dust” onto the apple slice
#6: Magically before your child’s eyes the apple slice will turn green!

Kids Crossword Puzzle Activity

   Celebrate this Valentine's Day with a challenging kids crossword puzzle. It’s a great learning tool to help children learn vocabulary words associated with Valentine’s Day

Supplies Needed:
Printable Crossword Puzzle:

Valentine's Day Crossword Puzzle.pdf (62.37 kb)

Pencil, Markers or Crayons

#1: Print out the Valentine’s Day crossword puzzle
#2: Try to find all the words in the crossword puzzle

Cute Valentine's Day Ideas

   Show them you love them the whole year long. Take an old container,decorate it then place messages inside so any time your child needs encouragement or a boost they can read a little message

Supplies Needed:
Empty Jar or Container with Lid
Permanent Marker or Paint

#1: Wash and clean the container
#2: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#3: Decorate the outside of the container with fun Valentine’s day items. Such as: cupid, hearts, bow and arrow, your child’s name.
#4: Allow the jar to dry
#5: On a piece of construction paper write little messages to your child. Such as: poems, quotes, songs and notes.
#6: Cut out each message individually and place inside the container so any time your child needs encouragement or a boost they can read a little note

Edible Valentines Day Gifts

   Get your kids involved in making a fun, edible valentine's day gift. They are the perfect treat for giving to friends and family

Supplies Needed:
Graham Cracker or Sugar Cookie
Food Coloring
Candy-Valentine’s Day Hearts with Messages, Cinnamon Hearts, Chocolate Hearts

#1: Create different red and pink colored icing using food coloring
#2: Spread the icing over a graham cracker or sugar cookie
#3: Decorate your graham cracker or sugar cookie with fun candy!

Valentines Day Project

   Get creative with this easy to make Valentine's Day Box. Decorate your box and then use it to store Valentine's Day greetings or candy

Supplies Needed:
Shoe Box with Lid
Construction Paper
Markers or Crayons

#1: Cover the shoe box with construction paper
#2: On the top of your shoe box trace and cut out a heart shape. This will be the opening to your box.
#3: Draw and cut out various Valentine’s Day objects. Such as a cupid, bow and arrow, hearts. Need help drawing Valentine’s Day objects color and cut out the Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages.
#4: Glue your objects to your box
#5: Allow your box to dry and you are ready to store Valentine’s greetings, or use your box to hold Valentine’s Day candy.