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Preschool Number Dial Craft

Supplies Needed:
Two Paper Plates
Crayons or Markers
Pipe Cleaner
Hole Punch

#1: Take both of the paper plates and create lines that divide the paper plate up into 5 equal parts. Hint: Sort of like cutting a pizza.
#2: On one of the paper plates write the numbers 1-5 in each of the divided sections.
#3: Draw circles to correlate with the number that you wrote on the plate. Example: the number 5 gets 5 circles
#4: On the second paper plate cut out one of the triangle shapes you traced earlier. Leave the rim of the paper plate in tact.
#5: Put the two paper plates together and use the hole punch to create a hole in the center of each plate so they align.
#6: Push the pipe cleaner through the center of the hole and knot the end so the paper plates are now bound together.
#7: Rotate the plate around to reveal different numbers and circles.

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