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Handprint Bald Eagle

   Did you know your handprints can be the wings of an eagle? Create your own handprint bald eagle this Memorial Day with items from around your house

Supplies Needed:
Printable Bald Eagle:
Bald Eagle.pdf (65.92 kb)

Construction Paper
Markers or Crayons

Toddler Color Learning Craft

   Toddler Color Learning Craft is a great way to teach your child about colors as well as fine motor skills.

Supplies Needed:
Plastic Containers
Paint Brush
#1: Use a paint brush to paint the inside of the containers. Do as many different colors as you can. Also remember to paint the lids
#2: Set containers aside to dry
#3: Take construction paper the same colors as you painted the containers and cut circles small enough to fit inside the containers
#4: Have your toddler place the construction paper circles in the correct color containers
#5: When they are done keep the activity interesting by having them place the lids on the containers using the correct colors 
#6: If possible have the toddler stack the containers while you talk about the colors.

Kids Fun Button Necklace Craft

   The Kids Fun Button Necklace Craft is a easy kids craft to make for children of any age. Using items from around your house you can make this simple craft for kids.

Supplies Needed:
Large Buttons

#1: Take the large buttons and thread them on to a ribbon
#2: Put as many buttons on the ribbon as you like then tie a knot at the top to secure
#3: You are now ready to wear your beautiful button necklace.

Toddler Craft Activity

   This fun, free Toddler Craft Activity is perfect for children ages 1-2 years old.

Supplies Needed:
Paper Plate
Googly Eye
Paint Brush

#1: Have an adult cut a triangle out of the side of the paper plate. This will look like a fish’s mouth
#2: Attach this triangle to the other side of the paper plate. This will look like the fish’s tail
#3: Have child use glue to attach the googly eye to the paper plate above the fish’s mouth. Can also use sticker eyes
#4: Have the toddler use the paint brush to paint the fish. Let them use as much or as little paint as they want.
#5: Then put this beautiful toddler art work on display!

4th of July Table Decorations

   You will be the talk of the barbecue with your 4th of July table decorations. This table decoration is easy to make and something the whole family can get involved in making

Supplies Needed:
Fabric Table Cloth (old sheet or blanket)
Paper Plate

#1: Lay your fabric table cloth on the grass outside or someplace that won’t get damaged by paint
#2: Place newspaper or plastic anywhere you want to avoid paint
#3: Take a sponge and draw different 4th of July items such as stars, stripes, flag, USA, Birthday Cake, Grill, baseball,
#4: Cut out the images you drew on the sponge. Ask an adult for help.
#5: Place small paint piles on the paper plate. This will be where you get paint for your sponge or paint brush.
#6: Dip your sponge or paint brush in the paint
#7: Press the sponge firmly onto the fabric table cloth.
#8: Have fun decorating the table cloth. It’s a great project to get the whole family involved in!

How does your tablecloth look? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know and we will proudly display it on Kids Craft Zone!