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Pencil Holder

   A pencil hold that describes your Dad is the perfect gift for Father's Day

Supplies Needed:

Old Magazines or Newspaper

Colored paper


Empty Can


#1: Wash and dry your can

#2: Protect your work environment by placing newspaper or plastic sheet

#3: Cut words from the magazine that describe your Dad

#4: Cut a piece of paper to fit around your can and glue it in place

#5: Glue the words you found from the magazine to the construction paper around your can

Backyard Apron

   Show your Dad he's king of the grill with his very own personalized backyard apron. Perfecting for grilling

Supplies Needed: 


Fabric Paint



#1: Protect your work enviorment by laying down newspapers or a plastic sheet

#2: Decorate the Apron and allow it to dry before giving it to your Dad


Decorating Ideas:

 Have each member of the family place their hand or foot print on the apron


Funny Sayings:

"Dressed To Grill" -"Grill or be Grilled"- " King of the Grills"-"Dad’s Turn To Cook"-"Burnt to Perfection"-"Charred and Dangerous"-      "I don’t need a Recipe"

Fish Mobile Craft

   If your Dad loves fishing this is the perfect craft for you to do. You're Dad will think its a keeper

Supplies Needed:

Paper Plate

Construction Paper

Marker or Crayons



Hole Punch

Yarn or String

Fish Pattern: Fish Pattern.pdf (34.59 kb)


#1: Cut two small triangles from the tail section of the plate. 

#2: Print out the Fish Pattern. Cut out the fish pattern.

#3: Trace around the fish pattern on a piece of construction paper. And cut out the fish. Cut out two fish for each side of the plate.

#4: Glue the fish onto the paper plate. One fish per each side. The tail of the cut out fish should be placed in the center of the two cut out triangles. The paper plate should look like fins for the fish

#5: Decorate both sides of your fish.

#6: On one side of the fish write "Good Day Fishing" on the other side write "Bad Day Fishing" or one side write "Dad You Are A" on the other side write "Great Catch"

#7: Punch a hole at the top of the fish and thread the yarn through. Tie the yarn at the top.

Bookmark Crafts For Kids

   If your Dad loves to read then this is the perfect gift for him.

Supplies Needed:
Card Stock
Crayons or Markers

#1: Cut the card stock in a rectangle shape

#2: Decorate both sides of the bookmark

#3: Laminate the bookmark so your Dad can cherish it for years

Ideas to write or put on your bookmark:

"I'll save your place Dad" , "I Love You Dad", "10 Reasons I Love Your", Place your picture or a family photo on the bookmark

Family T-shirt

   Help your Dad relax in his custom T-shirt.Your Dad will wear it and cherish forever

Supplies Needed:
Fabric Paint
Paint Brushes

#1: Protect your work environment by laying down newspapers or plastic sheet
#2: Make sure your T-shirt is washed and dried before painting
#3: Place the cardboard inside the T-shirt. This will provide a hard surface for you to paint on as well as keep the paint from leaking through to the other side
#4: Write a message or draw on the shirt
#5: Place the shirt aside to dry

*T-shirt Ideas:
 Place your hands and feet in the paint and                                
press them firmly on the shirt. 
 Have your child write their name
 Draw Daddy’s favorite Items on the shirt