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Baseball Picture Holder

Supplies Needed:

Styrofoam ball

White Paint

Red 3D Paint


Metal Coat Hanger


#1: Have an adult use a knife to cut a bit off the bottom of the Styrofoam ball so that it sets on a table

#2: Using the white paint. Paint the entire Styrofoam ball. And set aside to dry

#3: Once dry use the 3-D Paint to create red lines as seen on a baseball

#4: Have an adult cut the metal coat hanger (may also use 18 gauge wire) about 7 inches long. Need two metal pieces

#5: Using the pencil roll the wire around the pencil three times. This will hold the picture.

#6: Place the unrolled end of the wire into baseball

#7: All that’s left to do is find your favorite sports pictures to place in the spiral ends of the wire


*Use an egg shaped styrofoam with brown and white paint to make a football picture holder

*Use a styrofoam ball with black and white paint for a soccer ball picture holder

*Use a styrofoam ball with brown and black paint for a basketball picture holder

The possiblities are endless!


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