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Dreidel Game

Supplies Needed:
Tokens or coins about 20 each player

#1: Divide the tokens equally among the players
#2: Each player must start by placing one token in the center pile. This is known as the pot.
#3: Each player  takes turns spinning the dreidel. Based on which letter is facing up when the dreidel stops determines if you will give money to the pot or collect
נ “Nun” means nothing, you win nothing, you lose nothing.
ג “Gimel” means you take the whole pot.
ה “Hay” means you win half of what’s in the pot.
ש “Shin” means “put in” - you lose, and must put one.
#4:  When there are no more tokens in the center each player adds up their tokens and the one with the most is the winner!


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