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Easter Bunny Craft

Supplies Needed:
Printable Bunny Template:

Printable Bunny.pdf (24.74 kb)

Cotton Balls
Construction Paper- White
Markers or Crayons

#1: Print out the printable bunny template
#2: Cut out the printable bunny template and then trace the template on a your construction paper
#3: Cut out the bunny you traced onto the construction paper
#4: Draw  eyes, nose and a mouth onto your bunny. In the center below the bunnies ears.
#5: Place a small amount of glue onto a cotton ball and then place it onto your bunny. Continue to do this until the whole bunny is covered in cotton balls. Avoid putting cotton balls on his face you drew.
#6: Allow the bunny to dry before hanging up.

Send us a comment attaching your picture and we will display your Handprint Easter Craft on Kids Craft Zone!


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