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Noise Makers

Bottle Noise Maker
Supplies Needed:
Plastic Bottle
Permanent Markers or Paint
#1: Place the rocks into a clean plastic bottle
#2: Decorate the bottle with permanent markers or paint!

Bag Noise Maker
Supplies Needed:
Plastic Bag or Garbage Bag
Empty Pop Cans or Metal Cans
Markers or Paint
#1: Fill a plastic bag with empty pop cans
#2: Use Markers or Paint to decorate the bag!

Hand Held Noise Maker
Supplies Needed
Popsicle Stick
Markers or Crayons
7  Buttons
Printable circle template

#1: Trace 2 same sized circles on construction paper. Print out the circle template for help.
#2: Cut out the circles
#3: Glue the 2 circles together sandwiching the popsicle stick in between the 2 circles. Allow part of the popsicle stick to be outside the circles, this will be your handle
#4: Punch holes along the rim of the circles
#5: Attach the buttons to the string and then thread the string through a hole that you made with the hole punch. Tie a knot attaching the buttons to the circles
#6: Decorate your noise maker!


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