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Printable Umbrella Kids Spring Craft

Supplies Needed:
Free Printable Umbrella Template:

Umbrella.jpg (21.28 kb)

Pipe Cleaner
Construction Paper
Paint or Markers
Shaving Foam

#1: Print out the free printable umbrella template
#2: Cut out the umbrella template
#3: Trace umbrella template on a piece of construction paper
#4: Prepare your work environment by laying down plastic or newspaper
#5: Have an adult mix equal parts of shaving foam and glue with a spoon on a paper plate.
#6: Have an adult put a few drops of paint and mix into the glue and shaving foam mixture.
#7: Have the child use a sponge in the shaving foam, glue, paint mixture to color the umbrella. The paint will look bumpy when the child is done. This is normal because the picture will try with a touch and feel texture.
#8: Set umbrella aside to dry
#9: Glue a pipe cleaner to the bottom of the umbrella. This will be the umbrella’s handle.

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