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Summer Butterfly Kids Craft

Supplies Needed:
Toilet Paper Roll
Pipe Cleaners
Construction Paper
Printable Butterfly Wing Template:

Wing Template.jpg (14.28 kb)

Googly Eyes
Crayons or Markers

#1: Print the Printable Butterfly Wing Template
#2: Cut out the printable butterfly wing template
#3: Trace the wing template on a piece of construction paper
#4: Cut out the wings you just traced on the construction paper
#5: Decorate your butterfly wings with markers or crayons
#6: Glue your butterfly wings to the toilet paper roll
#7: Bend the pipe cleaner in half
#8: Glue the pipe cleaner to the top of the toilet paper roll. These will be your butterfly antennas
#9: Glue Googly Eyes to your butterfly
#10: Draw a mouth and nose for your butterfly

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