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Valentine's Day Caterpillar Activity

Supplies Needed:

Construction Paper- red, pink, white, blue, green, purple
Crayons or Markers

Small Heart Template:Small Heart Template.pdf (10.67 kb)

#1: Print out the small heart template
#2: Cut out the heart template
#3: Trace the heart template on each of the 6 sheets of construction paper
#4: Cut out the small hearts from the construction paper
#5: Fold each heart in half
#6: Take the white heart and place a little glue on the back of the heart, the pointed part
#7: Take the next colored heart and lay the large portion of the heart it on top of the glue
#8: Continue doing this and stacking the hearts until you have used every heart
#9: On the white heart draw two antennas and eyes for your caterpillar


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