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Panty Hose Garden Activity

   Teach your children about nature while helping them grow a wonderful garden indoors.You can turn panty hose into an easy to make face garden

Supplies Needed:

Panty Hose

Grass Seed


2 Small Elastics

Decorations for eyes, mouth, etc


#1: Have the children put 2 tsp of grass seed in the bottom of toe of the panty hose.

#2: Add 1-2 cups of dirt. Make sure the seeds stay in the top of the head, otherwise you’ll have hair sprouting from under the eyes.

#3: Use the small elastic to pinch off a nose about half way up the head.

#4: Use the second elastic to tie off the bottom.

#5: Decorate by pasting on eyes, mouth, ears, or what ever else intrigues the kids.

#6: Keep the Fuzzy Head in a small dish with water in the bottom. You can then style the hair with elastics, clips and scissors.




   Create a airplane to fly through the clouds on

Supplies Needed:

4 Chairs

2 Sheets

1 Pillow


#1: Start by placing the 4 chairs in a square like pattern with all the backs of the chairs facing the middle.

#2: Drape a sheet from the chair in the back to the chair in the front

#3: Drape the second sheet from the two chairs on the side. This creates the wings.

#4: Give the captain the steering wheel (the pillow) and let him fly through the clouds!


Leave us a comment and let us know what you used to make your airplane! 


Bubble Art

   Never be duplicated, make every picture unique with bubble art. Its a fun and simple craft to try all you need is a few items from around the house

Supplies Needed:

Paper (light colored construction paper works best!)


Mixing Spoon

Drinking Straw

Shallow Dish (metal pie pan, plastic plate with rim)

1 tablespoon Liquid Dish Soap

½ cup Water

2 tablespoons tempera paint

#1: Stir water, paint and soap in a bowl. Mix well.

#2: Pour your mixture on your shallow dish

#3: Place your straw into the mixture and gently blow to make tons of bubbles.

#4: Place the paper on top of the bubbles until some bubbles have popped on the paper. Blow more bubbles and rotate your paper to get the unique bubble on every square inch of your paper!

Imagination Art

   This easy to make art project will ignite the magic in your child and teach them about using their imagination. The possibilities are endless

Supplies Needed:




Assortment of Items Such As:

           Paper Clips, Napkins, Old Magazines, Toilet Paper Tubes,

           Popsicle Sticks


Use any items you can find to create your own masterpiece!


Send us a picture of what your imagination can up with!

Easy Playdough Recipe

   Have as much fun making the playdough as you do playing with it.

Supplies Needed:

Measuring cups and spoons


Cream of Tartar


Cooking Oil


Food Coloring



#1: Mix all ingredients together adding the food coloring last. Stir ingredients until smooth over medium high heat. Removed the pan and begin to knead until blended smooth.

#2: To store your playdough place in a plastic bag or air tight container. This playdough will last for a long time!

For added fun add glitter to your playdough or even essential oils (like lavender for purple playdough)!