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Father's Day Picture Frame Stain Glass

Supplies Needed:

Old Picture Frame

Masking Tape

Tempera or Acrylic Paint

Permanent Marker

Paint Brush


#1: Lay down wax paper, newspaper to protect your work environment

#2: Carefully take the glass out of the frame and tape the edges of the glass. This will prevent you from cutting your fingers on the raw edge of the glass

#3: Using the marker create a design on the glass

#4: Using the paint fill in the space between your marker line (if your paint is to thick you can try adding a small amount of water)

#5: Allow the paint to dry

#6: Remove the tape around the edge of the glass and place the glass back inside the frame.

#7: Set your new work of art near a sunny location so the sun will shine through your design.

*Try adding a personal touch by also painting or adding objects around the frame


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