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Kids Printable Birthday Face Game

Supplies Needed:
Poster Board
Crayons or Markers
Printable Face:

Printable Face.pdf (19.37 kb)

Craft Items: uncooked pasta , googly eyes, birthday candles (unlit), pipe cleaners, etc


#1: Create a Birthday Banner using the poster board, crayons and markers. Write  Happy Birthday (child’s name)
#2: Print out enough printable faces as the number of children attending the party
#3: Setup a craft station at a table that includes, crayons, markers, glue and craft items.
#4: Each child must create the birthday child’s face on the printable face and using the craft items provided.
 Example: macaroni for hair, birthday candle for nose, pasta for mouth, googly eyes
#5: Have the child sign their drawing
#6: Once the glue is dried the child must tape their completed face to the Happy Birthday banner.

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