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Youth Outdoor Olympics

   Keep them outdoor for hours with this activity

#1: Setup stations in your backyard to see who will be the gold medalist!

          Water Balloons Toss

          Rope (tug of war)

          Long Jump

(draw on the sidewalk a starting line then measure from that line to see how long you can jump)

          High Jump

          Push Up

          Sit Ups

           Jump Rope Contest

           Hula Hoop Contest

#2: Finish with a Olympic awards ceremony. Here are some printable awards:

Kids Paint Rocks

   Try painting your rock to look like a ladybug, turtle

Supplies Needed:

Rocks (different sizes and shapes)


Paint Brushes

Small Containers


#1: Wash and dry the rocks

#2: Use the paint and brushes to create your rock art

Rock Painting Ideas:

Ladybug, turtle, hedgehog, fish, or Write a personal message

Hop Scotch Math

   You'll forget your learning when you play hop scotch math

Supplies Needed:

Sidewalk Caulk

#1: Draw a hop scotch on the sidewalk or driveway. Place the numbers in each of the squares. Can be in order or randomly placed.

#2: As your child jumps on the number they have to shot the number they are standing on

*A Little More Advance: place an object on two of the numbers and the child has to shout the number as they jump on the square with the object then add, subtract, divide or multiply and shout correct answer.

Homemade Clay Activity

   Spend time outdoors creating your own sun clay

Supplies Needed:

Medium Size Sauce Pan


Measuring Cups

2 cups Salt

1 Cup Cornstartch



Outdoor Items such as leaves, sticks and rocks, etc..


#1: Mix 2 cups of salt and 2/3 cups of water in a saucepan. Cook over medium high heat for about 5 minutes, stirring until salt is dissolved. Remove from heat. In a spate bowl. Add ½ cup water slowly to 1 cup of cornstarch. Stir until smooth and then add to the salt mixture in the saucepan. Return to low heat and cook until smooth. Make sure to stir frequently. Store in a sealed plastic bag.

#2: Place clay on a tray outside and begin molding and adding your outdoor items to your creation. Once your creation is done place it in the sun to dry. This clay will not crumble when harden by the sun!

Make your own yard sundial!

   You'll always know what time it is when you're outside with a yard sundail

Supplies Needed:




Watch or Clock

Playdough (optional)


#1: Gather 12 rocks. Paint the rocks with different colors. Make sure each rock receive a number 1-12

#2: Find a sunny spot in the lawn or on a sidewalk

#3: Place the stick in the ground or place a stick on a rock by using playdough to hold the stick upright

#4: Throughout the day check on your sundial to see what time it is and where the shadow is facing and what time your watch or clock says.

#5: Place the numbered rock in correspondence with the sun dial.