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Family Cookie Decorating

Supplies Needed:
Vanilla Icing

Writing Icing


Popsicle Sticks or Lollipop Stick

1 Tube of prepared Sugar Cookies


#1: Prepare the sugar cookies according to the directions on the tube (If you have Christmas cookie cutters use them to create fun cookie shapes)

#2: When you bring them out of the oven immediately place the popsicle stick into the cookie. Allow to cool with the popsicle stick inside.

#3: Once the cookies are cool, it’s time to decorate! Get creative using candies and writing icing. Give your child different colors of vanilla icing to use (add food coloring to the icing)

*Cookie Decorating Ideas:

Draw a green Christmas tree and use small white chocolate chips as the lights.

Draw a star and make it glitter with crystal sprinkles

Make an cookie ornament and place a hook on your cookie out of string licorice


Have a cookie decorating idea would love to hear it. Drop us a line!


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