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Handprint Easter Craft

Supplies Needed:
Printable Chick Body Template: Printable Easter Template.pdf (19.01 kb)

Construction Paper
Markers or Crayons
Googly Eyes

#1: Print out the printable chick body template
#2: Cut out the printable chick body template and then trace the template on a your construction paper
#3: Cut out the chick body you traced onto the construction paper
#4: Trace both of your hands on the construction paper
#5: Cut out your hands that you just traced. These will be your chick’s wings
#6: Draw a triangle on your construction paper. Cut this out. It will be your chick’s beak
#7: Draw and cut out your chick’s two legs
#8: Glue the googly eyes and beak onto your chicks face
#9: Glue your handprints to the side of the chick’s body. These will be the wings.
#10: Glue the two legs onto your chick
#11: Allow your chick to dry before you hang it up!

Send us a comment attaching your picture and we will display your Handprint Easter Craft on Kids Craft Zone!


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