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Indoor Miniature Golf

Supplies Needed:
   Golf Clubs (or sponge and yardstick)
   Golf Ball or Small Rubber Ball
   Masking Tape
   Shoe Box, Cardboard, Oatmeal box, Coffee Cans (for course)

#1: Use your golf clubs or make your own using a yardstick and sponge
#2: Build your golf course:   
  Tunnel: Cut out a half circle on two sides of a shoe box
  Tent: Fold a piece of cardboard in half and set it up like a tent for the ball to go through
  Ramp: Place a piece of cardboard over some books. Remember to stack books gradually.
  Place a chair in the center of the room for the ball to go under.
  Use Frisbees to make a curved fairway.


What did you use to make your indoor miniature golf course? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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