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Kids Catapult

Supplies Needed:
Milk Carton
Hole Punch
Rubber Band
2 Pencils

#1: Cut the top off the milk carton. Then cut the milk carton into the shape shown in the picture below.
#2: Punch a hole on each side of the milk carton and one on the bottom back hole
#3: Thread the rubber band through the hole in the bottom back and use a toothpick to hold the rubber band in place.
#4: Push one of the pencils through the holes in the side of the carton
#5: Cut the bottom of the small box in half and tape it to the end of the second pencil.
#6: Loop the rubber band underneath the first pencil and over the opposite end of the second pencil
#7: Fold down the front flap of the milk carton and tape it down
#8: Put a marshmallow into the small box and pull back firing at the “enemy”.


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