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Kids Compost Pile

Supplies Needed:
Chicken Wire or Aluminum Bin with holes in the bottom
Fertilizer or Manure
Pitch Fork
Compost Items: twigs, grass clippings, egg shells, coffee grounds, tea bags, vegetable peelings, hay and fruit scraps, hedge clippings (Don’t compost meat, bones, fish or grease)

#1: Place your chicken wire or aluminum bin in the yard or out of the way
#2:Burry the bottom of the container or chicken wire at least one foot in the ground to prevent animals from getting into it.
#3: Gather twigs, brush and other course items to lay on the bottom 6 inches of the compost pile
#4: Next gather leaves, grass clippings, coffee grounds, vegetable peelings, etc to lay on the next 4 to 6 inches of the compost.
#5: To help compost rot faster add a little manure or fertilizer and a shovelful of soil each time you put new things in your compost. Also occasionally sprinkle with a little water just too wet the compost. And mix the compost every 3 days to help with composting.
#6: When the compost has cooled and the mixture is a dark brown and crumbly it’s ready to use in a garden.


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