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Kids Football Craft

Supplies Needed:



Shoe Box

Markers or Crayons


#1: Make a paper football by:

         A: Take a sheet of computer paper and lie it sideways fold it horizontally.

         B: Open it and fold it again in half until you have a slender rectangle of paper

         C: Take the top-left corner and fold it diagonally into a triangle.

         D: Continue to fold the little triangle in the top downwards until there is a little rectangle in the bottom.

         E: Fold the rectangle in to the little gap in the bottom. You now have a paper football.


#2: Make two football goal post by:

          A: Using the shoe box cut a square shape on the front of the shoe box. The square shape should start at the top of the box to about the middle of the box. Leave about 1 inch on both side of the box.

          B: Cut the same square shape out of the back of the box leaving about 1 inch on both sides.

          C: Cut away the top portion of the box leaving about 1 inch on both sides. It should set on the table and look like goal post. Make two of these for each player.

          D: You can decorate your football goals with your team name and colors!


#3: Determine the rules of the football game. Also decide how many points you want to play to!


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