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Lady Bug Summer Kids Craft

Supplies Needed:
A round object (such as a bowel, cup, etc)
A piece of black Construction paper
A piece of colored Construction paper

Pipe Cleaner
Black Paint
Markers or Crayons

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Trace around the round object on a piece the black and colored construction paper.
#3: Cut out the two circles you just traced on the construction paper
#4: Bend a pipe cleaner in half
#5: Glue the center of the bent pipe cleaner on the top of the black construction paper circle. These will be the ladybugs antennas
#6: Cut the colored construction paper circle in half so you have two equal halves of a circle. These are going to be the ladybugs wings.
#7: Glue the two halves of the circle on top of the black circle to make the colored paper look like wings. Place them together on top and then apart towards the bottom
#8:Dip your child’s finger in the black paint.
#9: Then press their finger on the wings of the ladybug. Do this a few times to decorate the ladybugs wings with spots.

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