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Kids Easy Fingerprint Butterfly Craft

   The Kids Easy Fingerprint Butterfly Craft is a free, pritable craft for kids. You will cherish this fingerprint kids craft for years to come.

Supplies Needed:
Printable Butterfly:

Butterfly-template.jpg (45.65 kb)

Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaner-Cut in half

#1: Print out the printable butterfly template
#2: Cut out the printable butterfly template
#3: Trace the butterfly template on a piece of construction paper.
#4: Cut out the butterfly you traced
#5: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#6: Use your finger prints to create designs on the butterfly wings
#7: Draw eyes, mouth and nose on the butterfly
#8: Take the pipe cleaner cut it in half
#9: Roll the pipe cleaner around a pencil to make it curly
#10: Attach the pipe cleaners to the back of the butterfly above the eyes you drew. These will be the butterfly’s antennas.

Kids Spring Flower Craft

   The Kids Spring Flower Craft is a simple kids craft using your child's handprint. This is a craft you will cherish.

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper
Pipe Cleaner
Markers or Crayons

#1: Trace the child’s hand on a piece of green construction paper
#2: Use scissors to cut out the child’s hand that was just traced
#3: Glue handprint to a piece of construction paper.
#4: Glue a pipe cleaner to the wrist part of the handprint. This will be the flowers stem
#5: Decorate the flower and around the flower. For extra flair add glitter or pom pom balls

Preschool Apple Tree Craft

   The Preschool Apple Tree Craft is a fun, free and easy to make handprint kids craft.

Supplies Needed:
Brown Paint
Red Paint
Paper Plate
Construction Paper
Paint Brush

#1: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic
#2: Pour some brown paint on the paper plate
#3: Use the paint brush to paint the child’s arm (up to their elbow) and their fingers brown. This will be the apple trees trunk and branches
#4: Press the child’s arm and fingers down on the construction paper. Make sure to press firmly so all the paint transfers.
#5: Set the paper and allow to dry
#6: Have an adult cut an apple in half
#7: Pour some red paint on a paper plate
#8: Dip the apple slice into the red paint
#9: Place the apple slice on the construction paper. Place the apple in areas where the child’s fingers were to create apples on the apple tree.

Fingerprint Bee Kids Craft

   Fingerprint Bee Kids Craft is a great way to capture your child's handprint.This Summer Kids Craft is easy and fun to do.

Supplies Needed:
Yellow & Black Paint
Paint Brush
Googly Eyes
Pipe Cleaners
Bee Wing Template:

Wing Template.jpg (14.28 kb)


#1: Print the Printable Bee Wing Template
#2: Cut out the printable Bee wing template
#3: Trace the wing template on a piece of construction paper
#4: Cut out the wings you just traced on the construction paper
#5: Decorate your Bee wings with markers or crayons
#6: Prepare your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic.
#7: Have your child paint the cup with yellow paint
#8: Set aside the cup and allow to dry
#9: Dip your child’s finger into black paint
#10: Then place your child’s finger on the cup. Repeat this to give your bee black ring markings on his entire body.
#11: Glue the bee wings to the cup
#12:Glue your googly eyes to the cup. You want to glue them towards the top of the bottom of the cup
#13: Have an adult use scissors to place a small hole in the bottom of the cup
#14: Bend the pipe cleaner in half
#15: Insert the center of the bent pipe cleaner in the hole you made with the scissors. These will be your bees antennas.

Summer Fingerprint Kids Craft

   Summer Fingerprint Kids Craft is an exciting and educational kids craft to keep your child busy this summer.

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper- Blue and Yellow
Finger Paint (orange or yellow)
Markers or Crayons
Googly Eyes

#1: Draw a large circle on the blue construction paper
#2: Draw a smaller circle on the yellow construction paper
#3: Cut out both circles you drew
#4: Glue the yellow circle (is your sun) in the center of the blue circle (is your sky)
#5: Draw a face on the center of the yellow circle. Glue on Googly Eyes for a fun look.
#6: Dip the child’s finger in some of the finger paint and place it on the blue paper. You want to make the finger prints look like rays from the sun. So go around the entire sun with your child’s fingers. Make sure to press down on your child’s finger so all the paint transfers.