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Rhyming Game Kids Craft Idea

   The Rhyming Game Kids Craft Idea is a free and easy kids craft to help teach children about words that rhyme.

Have each child draw items on a piece of paper such as a cat, bat, jug, bug, tree, bee, dog, log, etc.

Cut each item out and set it on a table and have each child match together the two items that rhyme with each other.

Preschool Number Game

   The Preschool Number Game is a great way to teach kids about numbers. This children's activity is great for any age.

Supplies Needed:

5 Cups
Pom Pom Balls

#1: Take the 5 plastic cups and write numbers on them 1-5 using a marker
#2: Give the child enough balls to put the correct number of balls in the cups. They will need 15 balls total.
#3: Let the game begin! It’s a race to see what child can put the correct number of balls in the cup the fastest.

* Can spice it up by doing addition, subtraction, or multiplication on the cups.

Free Preschool Color Game

   The Free Preschool Color Game is a great way to teach children about colors. Its fun and easy to do.

Supplies Needed:
Construction Paper
Circle Template
Markers or Crayons

#1: Print out the printable circle template
#2: Use scissors to cut out the circle template
#3: Trace the circle template on the construction paper. You need enough for each child to have one of each colored circle. And one set of circles to place on the other side of the room
#4: Write child’s name on each colored circle. Also write the name of the color on the set of circles you are placing on the other side of the room.
#5: The Child must take their circle and match it to the correct circle color. You will be able to tell who knows their colors by the child’s name on the circles.

Kidz Preschool Color Activity

   Kidz Preschool Color Activity is a free and fun activity for children.

Supplies Needed:
Pipe Cleaners
Construction Paper
Markers or Crayons

#1: Take a piece of construction paper and write the color of it using a marker or a crayon. Need to do this for all the colors, purple, green, blue, red, orange, yellow, etc.
#2: Tape the colored construction paper to individual buckets
#3: Take a lot of different color pipe cleaners and hand them to the child
#4: The child is to put the colored pipe cleaners in the appropriate bucket.

Preschool Number Dial Craft

   The Preschool Number Dial Craft is a fun, free and easy to make kids craft using paper plates. Teach children about numbers while having fun.

Supplies Needed:
Two Paper Plates
Crayons or Markers
Pipe Cleaner
Hole Punch

#1: Take both of the paper plates and create lines that divide the paper plate up into 5 equal parts. Hint: Sort of like cutting a pizza.
#2: On one of the paper plates write the numbers 1-5 in each of the divided sections.
#3: Draw circles to correlate with the number that you wrote on the plate. Example: the number 5 gets 5 circles
#4: On the second paper plate cut out one of the triangle shapes you traced earlier. Leave the rim of the paper plate in tact.
#5: Put the two paper plates together and use the hole punch to create a hole in the center of each plate so they align.
#6: Push the pipe cleaner through the center of the hole and knot the end so the paper plates are now bound together.
#7: Rotate the plate around to reveal different numbers and circles.