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Rod's Indoor Fish Tournament

   Make your own fish then see who will catch the trophy fish

Supplies Needed:

6 Plastic Bottles (soda or water bottles)

Small Size Rubber Bands

String or Yarn



Score Sheet: Rod's Indoor Fish Tournament.pdf (102.66 kb)


#1: Wash and dry plastic bottles

#2: Cut out 6 fish out of paper (make small sized fish, they have to fit into bottle). Decorate both sides of the fish

#3: Place the fish into the bottle. You can roll them length wise to make them fit. One fish per bottle.

#4: Place the top back on the bottle and lay the fish out on the floor

#5: Cut your string to be about 3- 4 feet long.

#6: Tie a rubber band to one end of the string, this will be your hook. Tie the other end of the string to a stick, this will be your rod

#7: You’re ready to fish! Use the rubber band to hook the top of your bottles and reel in your fish!

*Having trouble reeling in your fish, give points for getting the fish to your knees,waist and in your hands

-Example: 2 points for reeling the fish to your knees

              3 points for getting the fish to your waist

              4 points for getting the fish into your hand

Family Snow Ball Fight

   You don't have to have snow to play this fun indoor game

Supplies Needed:

Paper (for snow balls)


Blankets & Pillows (for 2 forts)


#1: Using the blankets and pillows setup two snow forts. Place the two forts in the same room and pretty close to each other

#2: Crumble up the paper until it is a small ball (can use any old newspaper or white tissue paper, or computer paper)

#3: Place an even number of snow balls (crumbled paper) into each basket

#4: Begin your snow fight battle once both sides are in place!

*Other snow ball idea: Use your snowballs to hit targets. Each target is worth a certain amount of points. 


What game did you play with your snowballs? Leave us a comment and let us know! 


Music Freeze Game

   Get your wiggles out with this fun activity

Supplies Needed:




#1: Play a CD on the radio

#2: Randomly stop the CD and when the music stops you have to freeze your position.

Get your wiggles out with this fun activity

Freeze Pool Game

   Great outdoor activity for those hot summer days. Do you have what it takes to play the Freeze Pool Game

Supplies Needed:

Kiddy Pool or Bucket




#1: Fill the pool with water

#2: Place a bunch of ice into the pool.

#3: Take turns seeing who can remove the most ice out of the pool using their feet. Try using only one foot for an added challenge!

Homemade Frisbee Project

   You'll love playing outside with your new frisbee!

Supplies Needed:

2-Plastic Plates


Large Zip Lock Bag




#1: Cut the center out of the two plates

#2: Place glitter/sequins in the zip lock plastic bag and seal. Don’t have glitter try cutting paper into small squares.

#3: Place the zip lock filled with glitter between the two plates. Staple the plates together around the edges

#4: Cut off any plastic bag that hangs out the edge of the plates

#5: You’re ready to go outside and use your homemade Frisbee!