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Homemade Bongo Drums

Supplies Needed:

Oatmeal carton or coffee can (with lid)



Crayons or Markers



#1: Wrap and cut a piece of paper to fit around the oatmeal carton and glue it into place

#2: Remove the lid to the oatmeal carton. Make two holes in each side of the carton near the top. Cut a long piece of ribbon or strip and thread it through each hold and tie a knot on each end. Place the lid back on. This is your bongo strap!

#3: Using your crayons and markers decorate your bongo.

#4: You are now ready to play your bongo by beating a rhythm on the lid! Try writing a song to go with your new beat!

What do your homemade bongos look like? Did you have fun creating a new beat? Send us a picture or comment and let us know!


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