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Grocery Bag Outfit

Supplies Needed:

Brown Grocery Bags


Other decorative Items: feathers, sticks, newspaper, buttons, glitter

String or Yarn




Hole Punch


#1: Cut a hole in the bottom of the bag for your neck

#2: Cut two holes on the sides of the bag for your arms

#3: Cut down the middle of the bag

#4: Decorate your shirt


#1: Draw a hat shape on the front of the bag. It should be a upside down "u"

#2: Cut out 2 of these shapes

#3: Staple the edges of the two shapes together.

#4: Decorate your hat


#1: Cut a bag down the middle so you have two equal halves

#2: Punch holes down the two cut pieces

#3: Decorate your shoes

#4: Thread your string through all the holes and tie them at the top


How did you design your grocery bag outfit? Send us a picture or leave us a comment and let us know


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