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Free Printable Party Hats

Supplies Needed:

Construction Paper
Printable Party Hat Template:

Party Hat Template.pdf (29.35 kb)

Hole Punch
Decorations-pompoms, markers, crayons, glitter, feathers, etc

#1: Protect your work environment by laying down newspaper or plastic.
#2: Print out the Party Hat Template
#3: Cut out the party hat template
#4: Place the template on a piece of folded construction paper
#5: Trace out the template on the construction paper
#6: Cut out your party hat from the construction paper
#8: Place two holes on the bottom rim of your party hat
#9: Attach the ribbon to the holes. (These will tie around your chin)
#10: Decorate your party hat with your own custom design
#11: Allow your design to dry
#12: Your party hat will help you bring in any special occasion in with style

Send us a comment with your party decorating ideas! Or better yet show us with a picture!



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